Alcordo is a 22 year-old soul/R&B singer and songwriter born and raised in Toronto, Ontario. Heavily influenced musically by her family members, especially her father who shared his love for music with her, developed an early interest for singing. They had always encouraged her artistic development, inspiring her to learn the piano and the guitar.


Growing up, she had never taken her music career seriously; and it wasn’t until Joe Kay from Soulection had reposted one of her covers on soundcloud, that she realized she could further pursue music outside of a hobby. This had attracted a lot of attention and gave rise to opportunity for her to meet and collaborate with other artists.


Soon after she met JMSN, who featured her as the vocalist on his side project Pearl, providing vocals on the single, I Know.  Since then she has signed to JMSN’s label, White Room Records. The duo recorded a full length album, Desert Rose, to be released Summer of 2017.